Well maybe more like: love, bunting and a working boiler.

Doing my best white rabbit impression by being late with this weeks crafty Friday blog. At least I’m still getting it in within the week.  . . plus I’m not 13 years old doing my homework so I might chill out a little bit.

Whilst talking of chilling out that is exactly what I am currently doing. Actually freezing is closer to it, as the boiler has broken. It broke on Friday and won’t be sorted (hopefully) till tomorrow. Now, as first world problems goes this is definitely high on the list but with a 3 year old who like to get very dirty, and a 6 month old who likes to soak through baby grows with dribble, snot and you name it, it’s not ideal. Plus, you know it’s winter and everyone has colds. Drinking a large glass of wine for medicinal and warmth purposes is making it alright.

Totally gone off track . . . This weeks craft was inspired by Valentines. Rather than go for the traditional love heart heavy stuff I went for something I love – BUNTING!!! Can’t get enough of it. Or cowbell for that matter (SNL joke) Using old scraps of material and a piece of string it’s pretty simple but effective.

The story we looked at was I love you when by Annie Baker. Also simple but very effective. We of course love our children unconditionally but I particularly love those moments when you look at you child after they’ve done something or said something and you can almost feel your heart burst. It makes those times when they wake up at 3.30am more durable.



You will need:

Old bits of material (you can use paper of course)

string/scissors/hole punch if you have one but don’t worry if not/pen and little bit of paper

Step 1:

Fold the little piece of paper in half and draw a line diagonally across and cut out. This is you bunting template. Obviously you don’t have to use triangle. You could go square, rectangle, circle or any type of made up shape your child wishes to try.

Step 2:

Fold material in half or more and draw (on the back) around the template you are using and then cut out. Do this with different material if you are using until you have as many pieces as you want.

Step 3:

If your material is thin enough you can use a hole punch to create 2 holes at either end on one side of each piece of material. Otherwise pinch each corner and make a little slit with the scissors.

Step 4:

Thread the string in and out of the holes.

Step 5:

Tie off ends with a knot that is big enough that it won’t be able to go back through the holes you made and then hang up. Adding fairy lights can make even the messiest of places a little more easy on the eye.