Wishing you a very merry crafty Christmas!!

Can you believe it’s the Friday before Christmas already?! It’s come round so fast. With a couple of days still to go we thought a Christmas themed craft would help keep little ones a little distracted over the weekend.

A reminder that we’ll be starting our Crafty Tales at York Theatre Royal on January 11th. You can book tickets via their website here or you can always pop along on the morning. Tickets are £5 (10% off if you purchase a full term) It’s 10.15-11.30 and we meet in the cafe first before heading upstairs for some fun multi-sensory interactive story time.

Back to the Christmas craft. You most likely would have decorated your Christmas tree by now if you’re getting one. . . then again if you have young kids maybe not!! Our craft this week is a mini Christmas tree to hang. See below for what you will need and as before mince pies are optional.

Janet and Cassie xx

What you will need:
Green Card
Another piece of coloured card
Pipe cleaner

Pencil and ruler



Step 1:

Make a small tie at the top of the pipe cleaner then fold the green card in half and draw out a long triangle. You’ll want to make it shorter than the pipe cleaner you’ll be using.

Step 2:
Cut out the shape. You will now have 2 triangles from the folded card. Keep them together and  divide them into 5 sections; drawing 4 lines across roughly the same distance between. You can use the ruler if you want to be precise. Drawing the lines helps mini Crafters cutting practice . . .they might not stick to the lines but hey it’s worth a go!


Step 3:
Glue the pieces of card together
with the pipe cleaner in the middle.
Make sure you leave the hoop at
the top sticking out from the top.






Step 4:
Fold the other piece of coloured card you have. Draw and cut out tree base. Glue both sides and stick together with the bottom of the pipe cleaner inside.

Step 5:
Decorate with stickers. Obviously this is just one way we have decorated the tree. You can cut out shapes, cover with glitter or use old wrapping paper rather that green card. Go wild . . . just maybe not with the glitter. Telling a child to
go wild with glitter = sparkly mayhem!!


Merry Christmas Everyone xx