May you have good fortune and lots and lots of cookies.

As much as we can, each week we pick a story that has a link to something that happens near to it. Obviously this week it’s all about Chinese New Year. I’m sure there have been plenty of lanterns bought back from nursery or dragons made out of foot prints or some such. That’s all good. We went for a some Party hats for our crafty Friday. Not so much for the New Year celebration factor more for the fact that the protagonist in our story of the week is somewhat partial to a good hat. . . . He’s a pig . . . there’s the ol’ New Year connection. Yes it’s thin but it’s a good book so we rocked it.

Hamilton’s Hats by Martine Oborne and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, is all about a little pig learning some big life lesson from extravagant headpieces.

We were very fortunate to have a loan of lots . . LOTS of hats from York Theatre Royal’s costume department for this weeks session. I might have gone a little over the top with the amount but who can resist a good cupcake hat!

Also handed out some fortunes (actually good quotes with a biscuit) at the end. Whilst writing them up I came across a few I liked. One in particular was ‘Embrace the glorious mess that you are’ by Elizabeth GilbertThink it was probably in Eat, Pray, Love. I like it. There has been many a day when mess and worry and laundry (always laundry) have started to take over and made me feel guilty, mad, or less of a decent person. You know what, we all have stuff going on. Our lives are not the filtered pictures we often present to the world and that’s ok. Messy is good. Unless you’re hosting a messy party at your house and then it’s not so great.

Anyway, back to the hats. Here’s a simple party hat to be getting on with but really you could do anything you and/or your little folk fancies. We had some rather awesome bowler hats today. It was Bob Fosse meets Art Attack.


C&J xx

You will need:

Paper/pencil/sellotape/scissors/string or ribbon

Crayons, paints, stickers whatever you fancy

Step 1:

Using the piece of ribbon or string, tie it around the pencil. Fold the paper in half so you know where the middle is and placing your finger on the string draw a semi-circle from one side to the other (like a protractor). Cut out shape. With the paper left over cut out a rectangle.

Step 2:

Decorate the piece of paper and way you like. We went for rainbow sticker world. Which is quite surprising as it’s usually all about diggers and bulldozers.

Step 3:

Fold the paper round to make a cone and stick with sellotape both outside and inside.

Step 4:

Pop a little hole in one side of the hat and poke through the ribbon. Tie in a knot and stick down. Measure hat around your little ones head and do the same with the ribbon on the other side.

Step 5:

Roll up the small rectangle you had from the left over paper and stick in in the small hole at the top of the hat. Cut down 3/4 cuts and bend pieces back (same technique used for the whale a few weeks back).

Now PARTY like it’s 1999. . . 2019.