A big happy Crafty Friday New Year to you all.
2019 here we come!!

The Christmas tree and decorations have already been put away. I know this may seem a bit early for some but in this house it get’s to January and we’re all ready to be getting on with things. Plus with a 3 year old and a 4 month old we have so much stuff; like exploding laundry baskets, endless trails of Lego and boxes of non matching Tupperware, that there’s a sigh of relief when you pack everything up and the place feels momentarily bigger than normal.

So as another reminder, next week our Crafty Tales will be running at York Theatre Royal. A weekly interactive multi-sensory storytelling session with a craft for preschoolers. You can book your tickets at the website here or always pop along on the day. It starts at 10.15 and we meet in the cafe. The craft we’ll be working on I’ll be blogging about later in the day. The story we’ll be looking at is the beautiful ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ by Benji Davies.

In the meantime today’s craft has come about because my son is currently going through (another) pirate phase. . . along with an evil super villan and a yak (??!!) phase. We managed to cobble together a basic costume for general activities but needed a parrot. So that’s what we’re up to.

Have fun!


You will need:

A mix of coloured cards or paper

A small piece of white paper

A toilet roll

Thin strips of coloured paper or coloured material

Glue, sellotape, scissors and pen.

Step 1:

Line the toilet roll flush with the edge of the card or paper you are using. Make a small mark on the inside of the toilet roll and then on a piece of card.

Step 2:

Roll the toilet roll along until the mark inside the roll comes back onto the card and make another mark on the card. Now you know how long the card need to be cut by. Allow a little extra for overlap and mark out.

Step 3:

Cut out card and stick one end to the toilet roll. Roll along and stick down the other end too.

Step 4:

Fold a different coloured piece of card in half and draw out a shape of a wing and cut out so you have 2 matching.

Step 5:

Fold down the flat edge of the wings and stick down on either side of the roll with glue. You can add sellotape to make them more secure.

Step 6:

Draw a diamond in another piece of coloured card or paper. Fold in half and stick one side down to create the beak.

Step 7:

On the piece of white paper draw 2 eyes. Cut them out and stick them above the beak.

Step 8:

With the strips of paper pop it in the top to make a crazy (somewhat 80’s) hairstyle and add a bit of detail here and there.

You can use different colours into and play around with what you want coming out the top. You could use some material. Makes a good scarf holder!