Another double blog . . .

. . because having young kids and running a business is all about making the most of your time!

So we pick our stories to reflect what’s happening in the world. . . apart from what’s happening in the UK right now coz’ that would be a really terrible crafty tales. I’m not sure even bunting would fix the shambles we currently find ourselves!

Anyway, back to happier points. Holi Hindu festival kicked off on March 20th this year; otherwise known as the festival of colours. So the story for the 22nd was Neon Leon by Jane E. Clarke. A rather sweet tale of a chameleon who is a touch more hi-vis rather than camouflage. Of course there was oodles of colour and some classic tunes courtesy of Culture Club and a nifty craft that uses up any scraps of material you have lying about.

Second story which was on Friday was focusing on a little wombat in Sometimes I like to curl up in a ballĀ by Charles Fuge and Vicki Churchill. This little fella likes to jump as high as he can, run fast or sometimes just stand still. But at the end of the day he likes to curl up nice and small next to his mum. Yes indeed, Mothers day celebrations. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes (I’m not talking muffin tops and bingo wings). So the craft we made was a card for a special person. We’ve shown ours as a Mothers Day but it could be a card for anyone and any occasion. Also you can really have fun with the finger print paint idea and draw a whole selection of images.

Next week is the final Craty Tales for this term but we’ll be back on May 3rd for more. Plus some exciting news is Crafty Tales will be heading to Harrogate in June!! More info to follow.



DIY Neon Leon

Grab a selection of card, material, crayons, whatever you have lying around. Draw yourself a cheeky little lizard . . . or if you want to go rogue something else; Dragon, Monster . . Ferret. I’m sure your kids will inform you of their chosen animal.

Cut up the material using and stick, colour, shade to your heart content.

Craft number 2 . .

You will need:

An A4 piece of card of any colour, a piece of white card or paper a little smaller than A5, paint, pen, glue.

Step 1:

Fold your coloured card in half and draw the basis of a flower on the white paper. So stem and the middle bit of the flower . . . GCSE biology don’t fail me now . . . . Stamen?? Stigma?? . . . I was more into drama and art.

Step 2:

Pop out a little bit of paint. Be very explicit that this is a finger tip only painting craft and wait to see the mischievous face of a 3 year old that has better ideas look at you. Make the petals with fingertips. . .and additional eyebrows in my case.

Step 3:

Stick to coloured card and add message. I wrote my own Mothers Day one as I felt there was a very low percentage of receiving one any other route.