with Neil Armstrong . . . the Tortoise.

I first read Franklin and Luna go to the moon by Jen Campbell and illustrations by Katie Harnett not that long ago and totally fell in love with it.

The glorious adventure of Luna and her best mates (a dragon and a tortoise) is rather wonderful. They meet all sorts of folk and creatures on their journeys . . . Giants, vampires, elves, fairies . . . you name it all in search of Franklin’s family. It ends up they’re all up on a moon that has craters full of libraries and the meteor showers rain down glitter. I mean what’s not to love!!

So of course we had to make dragons today. It worked rather well what with it being St David’s day next week. I did try and make Franklin a little bit Welsh during the story but to be honest it kind of went out the window fairly quickly. Thank goodness none of my Cymraeg friends were there.

Our dragons were silver to go with the story but of course your dragons can be whatever you fancy. I nice polka dot one perhaps?

No Crafty Tales next week as it’s half term so we’ll be back in 2 weeks.



You will need:

Egg box/Foil/Coloured card/White card


Step 1:

Cut the egg box in half an remove over hang section. Then cover the 2 parts with foil.

Step 2:

Flatten the back of the 2 sides and squeeze them together and secure with a stapler. This is a bit awkward so I would suggest leave this part to the big folk.

Step 3:

Fold the white bit of card in half and draw an eye shape along with base and cut out and stick to the top of the dragon. The top of the dragon is the bumpy side (so what would normally be the underside).

Step 4:

Cut strips of the coloured card and stick inside the mouth of the dragon with sellotape. Use the pen to roll the card up and make it a bit curly.

Step 5:

Practice your roar!