lived a fat red hen . . .

We do love a bit of Julia Donaldson. There’s a reason she’s so very popular. This weeks tale looks at her rather endearing story of What the Ladybird Heard illustrated by Lydia Monks.

We decided on this story as it was April fools day on Monday. Although it’s not really a prank that the ladybird plays on the two rather bad men, they do get well and truly tricked by the end of the story. . . and rightly so as they’re trying to steal the fine prize cow.

There are a lot of different farm animals in this story and we opted for a fat red hen for our craft.

So it’s our last session of Crafty Tales for this term. We’ll be back May 3rd for some more fun crafts and excellent stories. Have a fantastic Easter to all.

Enjoy xxx

You will need:

Paper plate/different card or paper/crayons/glue/toilet roll/scissors/eyes

Step 1:

Colour the plate and fold in half

Step 2:

Using the different card cut out a beak and chicken frilly bits . . . no idea what they’re called. The gobbly bit.

Step 3:

Stick the beak and bottom gobbly bit in between the fold on the plate and add the top bit to the corner of the plate and add the eyes.

Step 4:

Cut out 2 wings and stick to either side of the plate and colour in and add details.


Step 5:

Cut the toilet roll down and snip 4 cuts into it. This is where the chicken can be wedged in. On a plus side you can add some little eggs inside the nest.

Step 6:

‘And the hen said, “Cluck!”