Children’s Parties!

We believe drama, storytelling and craft are incredibly beneficial for children’s development, so we’ve put them together and created an original party experience for your child!

The adventures for our parties are based on themes that children love and are all totally original. They involve interactive play, sensory storytelling, games, problem solving and craft that all tie into the story and help save the day!

We cater for up to 30 children. If you’re keeping it small that’s not a problem either. We can deliver a party in any venue so whether it’s at your home, in a hall or in a field, we’re happy to accommodate. 

We have 3 different types of party packages: 1 hour, 2 hour and bespoke. Please check out our Party Price page for a breakdown of what you get with each package as well as prices.

We have a whole selection of our own original stories based on different themes (see below). We are also very happy to create a totally bespoke piece of theatre for special occasions. The key element for us is to create opportunities for children to work together and have fun; and if it’s a birthday, for that child to feel extra special.

Party Themes

Fairytale Kingdom– The Great Malarkle Sparkle Kingdom needs your help!!! King Huffle’s evil Witchy sister is trying to take over the land. A special potion must be made to protect everyone. Visit a singing Mermaid, a sparkly Unicorn and a disco dancing Dragon on your quest for the magical ingredients. Hurry before the Kingdom becomes Sproutropolis!!!

Space – It’s time to blast off and become a truly awesome team of astronauts and climb aboard a very special rocket.  We are heading to a galaxy far, far away to protect alien life form from a villainous scientist . We’ll be travelling at lightning speeds, shooting through wormholes and dodging asteroid showers. First we need to fuel up on moon rocks and check in with the moon mice. It will be out of this world!

Pirate – Captain No-Beard desperately needs his treasure returned after Pirate Stinky stole it and buried it on Mermaid island. We have one part of the treasure map to help guide the way but we need to collect the rest of the clues to find the ever important X. The Octopus seems friendly enough but we’re not so sure of the sharks!! This is one action packed swash buckling adventure. 

Dinosaur – How amazing would it be to meet a Dinosaur . . .how about playing hide and seek with a Triceratops?!! Ever wondered what a dinosaur egg looks like . . .feels like? As we travel back in time on a quest like no other here is your chance to experience the wonders of the pre-historic. We might even bump into a Stegasaurus or two . . .just watch out for the T-Rex!

Fairies and Elves – Every garden has a certain number of fairies and elves to look after it all. In ours, however, the Elves have been up to mischief and the Fairy Queen needs your help to stop everything being so Topsy-Turvy! With a sprinkling of magic it’s time to shrink yourself down and explore the wonders of the undergrowth. Meet a ladybird who’s lost her spots and a frog with a hopping problem. . . plus there always chance to see a unicorn.

Jungle It’s time to be transported to a tropical paradise. If you’re an animal lover then this is the adventure for you!! You’ll meet a host of game loving monkeys, parrots with a lot to say and a tiger more giggle than ‘Grrr’. Swing through the vines, paddle down the river, and fly through the canopy on your search for the treasure of the Sun Gods. 

Underwater – Take a big breath and put on your flippers because we are going on a deep-sea rescue mission to help a special crab get back his shell. This is a truly wonderful multi-sensory adventure. Meet an actual mermaid and dance with a very giggly Octopus. We’ll be wobbling like jelly-fish, barking like dog-fish and puffing up like the best of any blow-fish on our quest.

Superhero – An evil force is threatening to take over the city. . . none other than the villainous Dr Sneaky!!  Join us at Hero training academy HQ where you’ll share and learn all the moves and skills needed to become a fully fledged totally awesome Super hero team. With your new found powers you’ll be ready to help save the day.

Not the theme your child wants? No worries . . .we can create a totally bespoke party for your child’s birthday based on their specific interests. Please drop us a line to discuss.

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