Being brave, finding home and making a craft on the way.

Where oh where does the time go?? Honestly, answers on a postcard would be most welcome! Suddenly we’re on our third Crafty Tales of the new term and things are flying by. Must be the ol’ classic saying of things going fast when you’re having fun. And fun indeed has been had over the last 2 weeks at York Theatre Royal.

So last week we looked at The Mouse that wasn’t scared by Petr Horacek and today we looked at Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

It’s always so exciting to go through the stories we’ll be looking at for each session and then creating lots of games and interactions for each. We’ve had hide and seek, parachutes, ice cubes, moose impersonations and most importantly lots of little folk to come and join in the giggles. Thank you for making our week so enjoyable.

This weeks blog has the 2 crafts we created over the last 2 sessions. Firstly some fun little trees and today we had rocking boats. See below for how to make them.

Before we get to that we should say we have some exciting news, Crafty Tales is coming to Goose in Harrogate!!! Whoop Whoop Whoop (can’t get enough whooping!!). Come join us if you’re over that side every Wednesday from June 12th from 10.15. We’re very excited here at Story Craft Towers.

Back to crafting. . check out step by step guide below.


C&J xxx

You will need:

Toilet roll/tissue paper/sellotape/pens/scissors

Step 1:

Take your tissue paper and decorate with pens, crayons, you name it.

Step 2:

Cut 2cm snips into the end of the toilet paper.

Step 3:

Add the paper into the top of the tree stump – bada-bing! Simple yet oh so effective. You can add detail to the trunk of the tree and of course the tisue paper can be nay colour you like.

2ns craft . . .

You will need:

Paper plate/colouring pens/scissors/lolly pop stick/sellotape or glue/piece of card for the sail

Step 1:

Colour round the paper plate. Fold in half and decorate how you want . . .

Step 2:

Draw a triangle from the card and cut out.

Step 3:

Decorate and stick the lolly pop stick to the middle.

Step 4:

Stick the other end to the boat.

Step 5:

Hey Presto – rocking boats. If you pop on a little Led Zeppelin you could rock out to your rockin boats too . . but that’s because it’s the closest we get to living wild nowadays!

Have a fab week guys.