‘There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.’

It’s getting on 11pm and to be honest the week has taken it’s toll. In truth having a 3 year old with on going night terrors and a 5 month old that wants to feed every 2 hours at night have taken their toll. It’s all part of the parenting course I realise, but it does mean a few things get pushed aside for a bit. Like housework and washing my hair or writing this blog earlier in the day.

So it’s Robbie Burns night. Having spent 3 years of my life in Glasgow I always like to have a wee nod to the big man. That’s why today’s story was There was a wee Lassie who swallowed a midgie by Rebecca Colby and Kate McLelland. A classic tale with a Scottish twist including the girl in question eating the Loch Ness Monster . . .It’s very messy to swallow a Nessie!!

The craft we made was a wee boat to sail out on our Loch in the story. A simple craft to make and good to have a go in the bath at night.

A bath at night . . . too late? I would at least get my hair washed. Maybe even conditioner as well as Shampoo!!! It’s all too much.

Enjoy the craft, and have a gander at the story it’s very funny and compelling.

C&J xx

You will need:


Pens or crayons

Sponge (one of those washing up ones with the green scourer bit on top)

Lolly stick

Step 1:

Cut corners off the sponge

Step 2:

Cut out small square of paper and colour in or decorate.


GROWN-UP SUPERVISION BIT – Cut 2 small horizontal slits in the paper. One at the top and one at the bottom. Also cut a small slit in the sponge on top.

Step 4:

Slide lolly pop stick through the slits and sellotape down. Allow enough space at the bottom for the stick to go into the sponge without catching the sail.

Step 5:

Pop into the slit in the sponge. You can glue it if it needs it. Or alternatively poked it all the way through and tie with an elastic band. I’ve popped a tiny tartan flag on top of mine for dear ol’ Robbie.

Have a good weekend!