Even the dullest stones sparkle and shine after the rain . .

After 3 weeks off we are so excited to be getting back to Crafty Tales at York Theatre Royal. Friday mornings filled with crafting, stories and children’s imaginations is just brilliant and it’s fair to say we’ve missed it. That’s not to say it’s been a quiet Easter break. We experienced our 3 year old’s first egg hunt . . . marvellous and manic in equal measure. Our little one doesn’t eat that much chocolate. And this is not because of sugar levels or being good for him etc. This is about the whole never ending waterfall of dribble that comes with the smallest amount of chocolate. He does also become a little crazed but then it doesn’t take much.

So we are kicking off this term with an absolute treat of a book; Stardust by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Briony May Smith. Not sure when I first read this book but it was love at first reading. It’s all about a little girl who spends a lot of her childhood being overshadowed by her big sister. But she remembers a very important lesson from her adoring Granddad, and wishes do come true.

It’s only appropriate that we make our own wishing shooting stars this week. When it comes to wishes for Story Craft Theatre they’re all coming in. As we said we love running our Crafty Tales sessions and now we’ll be holding them over at Goose in Harrogate from June 12th and on through the holidays. Then we’ll be setting up at Rural Arts in Thirsk from September. Woop Woop!

We also have a show we’re designing and a festival project in the pipeline. It’s all very exciting.

So let’s crack on with the craft.




You will need:

small piece of card, strips of paper, lolly-stick, foil

scissors, sellotape, glue, pen, star shape as template

Step 1:

Draw around the star shape onto the card and cut out.

Step 2:

Glue star and cover in foil. We did ours in little bits . . . because it took longer which is always good when crafting. Probably jot the easiest with a 3 year old when trying to rock a 7 month old to sleep simultaneously!

Step 3:

Cut the strips of paper quite thinly and glues to the back of the star. The strips will be coming out the side of the star to give it the shooting star look, rather than the at the bottom ‘wand’ style.

Step 4:

Add the stick at the bottom of the star and secure with sellotape

Step 5:

Once this is done you can glue some more foil to the back of the star to cover up the end of the ribbon. Then take the pen and curl up the end of the paper and write your wish on the lolly-stick.



Step 6:

Close your eyes and wish!