We battled the snow to get Crafty!

I’ve got to be honest.. .I’m not a big snow fan. Yes, it looks very pretty and particularly here in the beautiful York, but it’s still a bit of a pain if you want to try and do anything. So I was especially chuffed that lots of folk came down to Crafty Tales today. We got properly involved with creating our Wild setting and dressing up (thank you York Theatre Royal Costume hire!!) as well as scaring half the theatre’s coffee morning crowd with our Wolf howls.

The story this week was Wild Child by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Lorna Freytag (great name!!). It’s rather awesome. There are times . . mainly when I’m trying to get my 3 year old to put his shoes on or being weed on by my 5 month old that I consider how much my life has changed. I wouldn’t change it for the world but there are moments when I wonder where that Wild Child in me has gone. Perhaps she is still there but merely showing herself when being a bath time monster or dancing outrageously in the kitchen at 7am whilst making porridge!

So the craft to compliment this weeks story was a little mushroom. Our one is named Rodney. Ellie our new and wonderful assistant named him. It suits as he is a fun guy. . . . get it . . . fun guy . . funghi. An oldie but a goldie and totally nicked off one of the mums today.



You will need:

A paper cup/strip of green paper that will go round cup/a coloured piece of paper

A pen/glue/sellotape/scissors/small bowl as template

Step 1:

Draw around the bowl on the coloured piece of card and cut out. Draw a line from the centre of the circle to the edge and cut out. Pull the edges of the cut line slightly past each other to create a dome and stick down with glue.

Step 2:

Decorate the top of your mushroom. You can do whatever you fancy. We went with the ol’ classic of white spots. Stick on top (or bottom of turned over cup) with glue or sellotape.

Step 3:

Cut pieces out of the green paper to create grass effect. Then stick round the bottom of the cup with glue/sellotape

Step 4:

Use the pen to curl the green paper outwards.

Step 5

Add detail, names whatever your little folk like. What’s great about these are little hands can fit inside them and you’ve got yourself a puppet show! Room in the shroom . . . no . . .too much? Thought so.

Have a lovely weekend.

C&J xxx