This is a super fun craft that works on numerous levels for children of varying ages. 
You will need: 
A large piece of card i.e. back of a cereal packet 
A selection of coloured cards to make shapes out of 
Pens, paints (anything you would like to use to decorate) 
Shapes to draw around and a container to prop your monster against (we used a jug) 
1. First draw your monster shape on the piece of card. This must include a large mouth shape that will be where you post the shapes. Try and include an extra bit at the bottom that you can fold over for it to stand up better. 
2. Cut out the shape (you may require extra care with the mouth part). Then decorate your monster however you want. 
3. On the coloured cards draw out a mix of shapes (we used 4 shapes). You will need 26 in total. This is a good opportunity to practice drawing around shapes or going free hand. 
4. Cut the shapes out and write out the alphabet. Once you’ve finished, make sure to mix up the order. 
5. Lean your monster against a container (we used a plastic jug) and let the game begin. 
For younger children you can use this craft to practice shapes and colours. Calling out what the monster wants to eat next. For older children they can practice their alphabet along with spelling different words. So the monster wants to eat a HAT. 
You don’t have to stick with a monster. Why not try a Dinosaur or Shark depending on what your little folk are in to. 
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