This is a great craft and game just in time for Easter. It can be easily adapted to suit different ages. 
You will need: 
Scraps of card; they can be a mix of colours or all the same 
Anything you would like to use to decorate (stickers, glitter etc) 
1. Take one of your scraps of card and fold it in half. Draw an egg shape on oe side and cut out. You should then have 2 matching egg shapes. 
2. Decorate the eggs in matching patterns. You can do it on one side of each egg or both. 
3. Make a cut on one egg from top to middle and on the second one, bottom to middle. This will allow the two shapes to slot together. You may also need to trim the bottom of both eggs to create a flat edge in order for it to stand. 
4. Using the other scraps of card create more egg shapes and decorate. 
5. You can hide the eggs around your make it a bit more of a challenge swap the eggs around so once you find all the eggs you then have to put them back into matching pairs. 
If you do want to mix the eggs up in the hunt game you can focus on diffrent colours or number of spots on each egg for yonger children. For older children you can use similar coloured eggs but make the patterns more complex so it's even more of a challenge to get the right pairs at the end. 
You can make as many eggs as you like! 
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