Make your very own reindeer hat to wear 
You will need: 
3 x card (We used 2x brown 1x red) 
Felt tip pen 
A Plate to draw around 
The Headband 
1. Take 1 piece of A4 card and fold in half (lengthways) and cut; you should now have two halves. Then take one of the halves and do the exact same thing; fold in half and cut down the middle. You’ll end up with two thin strips of paper. 
2. Line the paper up, end to end and sellotape. You should now have one long line. Measure the band around your little ones head and join it up at the back using sellotape. 
The Reindeer 
3. Use your plate to draw a circle on a new piece of A4 card (Leave some room at the bottom of the page as we will need this later on). Then cut it out 
4. On your final piece of A4 card (ideally a different colour) we’ll be creating the reindeer antlers. Fold the card in half (width ways) and draw around your little ones hand then cut out. This gives you two copies of the antlers. Don’t stick them to the reindeer, just yet. 
5. We’ll need to create the ears. To do this, use your remaining card from which you cut out your circle. Fold this card in half and draw an ear shape, similar to a long ‘C’ 
6. Now you can begin sticking everything in placce. The ears to the antlers and the antlers to the back of the mask. 
7. To create the reindeer’s nose, cut out a circle or oval shape (we went for classic rudolph red) and stick it to the centre of your mask. 
8. Next you can add the features. Use your felt tip to create the eyes and mouth. 
9. Lastly stick the back of your reindeer to the headband with glue and sellotape (for extra support) 
You now have your reindeer mask! We've named Rudolph as one of the reindeers. There's also Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. Can you name the other four? 
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