We loved creating this cute little Unicorn puppet for one of our Crafty Tales advetures . . . we thought yo would love it too! 
You will need: 
A4 piece of white paper 
Small scrap of white card 
Little bit of tin foil 
1. First fold your paper lengthways. . .not quite in half. You want a little extra at the top to fold over and glue down. 
2. With the glued edge facing down fold the paper in half. 
3. Then fold each edge back on itself and stick them down, whilst leaving the front section clean (this will be the mouth). You should have an opening at each end that you can put your finger and thumb in to operate.  
4. With the small piece of card you have, draw 2 ears and a long triangle. Cut these out. Wrap the triangle in foil to create the horn and stick these onto the front of the puppet. 
5. Now it's time to add your Unicorn features. Ours has a pink tongue you can see when it laughs. 
Why not make more than one Unicorn and try out differnent things to decorate them with. Flowers, rainbows, glitter! 
You don’t have to stick with a Unicorn. Now that you know the way to make a puppet out of paper, why don't you try something else? 
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