Magical Kingdom 

CRAFT - Royal Crowns 
The Great Malarkle Sparkle Kingdom needs your help!!! King Huffle’s evil Witchy sister is trying to take over the land. A special potion must be made to protect everyone. Visit a Unicorn, a laughing Knight and a special little Dragon on your quest for the magical ingredients. Hurry before the Kingdom becomes Sproutropolis!!! 

Under the Sea 

CRAFT - Funky fish 
Take a big breath and put on your flippers because we are going on a deep-sea rescue mission to help a special crab get his shell back. This is a truly wonderful quest, where you get to meet an actual mermaid and dance with a very giggly Octopus. We’ll be wobbling like jelly-fish, barking like dog-fish and puffing up like the best of any blow-fish on our journey. 

Dinosaur adventure  

CRAFT - Dino masks 
Time to travel back in time and go on one mighty trip. We'll be dancing with a Triceratops, flying high with a Pteradactyl and doing our best to dodge the T-rex on this roarsome adventure. It's going to go off like a volcano! 


CRAFT - Alien headbands 
We’ll be blasting off to a galaxy far, far away to protect alien life form from a very mischievous comet. Hold on tight, as we’ll be travelling at lightning speeds, shooting through wormholes and dodging asteroid showers. This party is full of cool space facts and is out of this world! 

Jungle Explorers 

CRAFT – Animal masks 
We’ll be swinging through the vines and jumping over rivers in our party exploration through the jungle. They'll be tresure tombs to unvcover and friends to meet along the way. This party is bananas!! 

Pirates and Mermaid 

CRAFT – Pirate Hat Flags 
Ooh Arr, Me Hearties! There’s no time to be scrubbing the deck on this adventure! Captain No-Beard’s treasure has been stolen and Pirates, we need your help to find it! We’ll be heading out to sea to meet a real life mermaid, swimming with a whale and trying to find the ever-important X. 

Spy Quest 

CRAFT - Spy Disguise 
There has been a break-in at Spy HQ!! The mastermind behind such cunning can be none other than Professor V. Help us follow the clues and discover the Professor’s hideout before top secret, very important, really keep it under your hat, information gets out. This adventure is all about working as a team, testing your knowledge and keeping your eyes and ears open . . . as well as some silly dancing! 

Fairy and Unicorn 

CRAFT - Magic Wands 
It’s time to travel to a very magical garden where all sorts of wonders await you. The Fairy Queen needs your help as a great storm has made everything topsy turvy; the Ladybird needs cheering up, the Unicorn needs help getting her groove back and the Elves can’t be found anywhere! Time to sprinkle some fairy dust and make some magic. 
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