We are passionate about creating interactive theatre that engages, delights and captivates our audience. 
Our theatre work is visual, inclusive, interactive and fun and whether you’re big or small our goal is to spark your imagination! As we are both in the process of learning Makaton we make sure to incorporate signs where we can and where we feel it really benefits the storytelling. 
Our shows often have a quest element, where we need help to solve problems and work as a team. We love using puppets, music and a mix of characters and bringing everyone on the journey with us. 
Our previous shows include bespoke productions for The National Trust, Castle Howard and Kiplin Hall. We were also commissioned as part of the Love Bites season at York Theatre Royal to create a 5 minute Love letter….ours was to ‘Storytelling’. 
Check out how we brought storytelling to life without using any words. 

Current Shows 

Once Upon a Fairytale 
Goldilocks is missing and we need your help to find her! 
Fairytales have been around for centuries. Passing from generation to generation taking on different twists and turns there are usually lessons to be learnt and characters to love . . . as well as those to watch out for. In this show we travel through a whole host of some favourite fairytales and meet some familiar faces along the way: Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man and some hungry Bears to name a few! 
There are of course some big twists (both with plotlines and dance moves) as well as the classic big energy, interactive performance style we love to deliver. 
AImed at 2-8 year olds 
Show time can be adapted, either 30, 45 or 60 minutes 
This Tree Belongs to Me! 
There’s going to be a party in the Garden and everyone is invited; only problem is, there’s one creature who is less than welcoming. 
It’s a very, VERY special day in the Story Craft Garden. The creatures are all meeting by the great tree for a’s going to be huge and everyone is invited, including you! The only problem is, there is one owl who is less than welcoming, especially towards anyone who looks different from him! 
This highly visual show integrates Makaton sign language throughout and is packed full of enchanting puppetry, colourful characters, games, music and lots of interactive fun exploring the value of inclusivity as well as the importance of nature in our surroundings. 
A show packed full of clever puppetry, colourful characters, games and interactive fun for all the family. 
Aimed at 2+ 
Playing time can be 30, 45 or 60 mins 
The Big Pirate Party! 
It’s time for Party and Pirate No-beard is getting things ready for the celebrations......but there’s a problem ...the Pirate party prize treasure has been stolen!! 
Your help is needed in following the treasure map, setting sail across the seven seas and finding Pirate Pinch and get back the the treasure. 
There will be plenty of silliness along the way; with volleyball playing hermit crabs, low flying seagulls and one Pirate that is all Panto (Oh, yes she is!!) 
Aimed at 2-8 year olds 
Playing time 50 mins. 
It’s a very busy time of year on the farm and things are not going to plan!! Come and join us for one udder-believable, hay-larious interactive adventure! 
Farmer Jo needs yuor help to get things back on track, otherwise we may run out of time. 
We've got to tend to the cows, the sheep, the pigs, the goats, as well as the funky chicken and whatever you do... watch out for those Crows!!  
Aimed at 2-8 year olds 
Playing time 50 mins. 
The Case of the Missing Bunny - An Easter Show 
It’s one thing going on an egg hunt but quite another going on an Easter Bunny hunt!! 
Join us at Mother GOOSE detective agency to go on a case like no other. This is an egg-tremely serious situation . . . it’s no yolk . . . .we must crack it . . . we shell crack it! 
We at Story Craft love a good twist, and our Easter show certainly takes you on a wild goose chase. Well Rabbit chase! 
This show brings together puppetry, problem-solving and game playing like no other. Our aim? To get everyone working together to solve the missing bunny dilemma. 
Aimed at 2-8 year olds 
Playing time 45 mins. 
Bat, Cackle, Pop! - A Halloween Produciton 
It’s Winifred the Witch’s Birthday and she thinks that everyone has forgotten. There’s gonna be one big Surprise Party, but first we need to make a special birthday cake. We just need the last 3 rather spooky ingredients . . . . 
This show is bubbling with all sorts of ghosts and ghouls (which are more silly than scary!) and there’s plenty of opportunities to dabble in some spell making, as well as flying with luxury BAT Airways. 
This show always puts a smile on our face. We’ve had such amazing responses from both younger audiences as well as their accompanying adults. It’s fun and engaging and reminds us that Halloween can be silly for everyone. 
Aimed for 3+ 
Craft activity can also be included depending on size of groups. 
Playing time 30-45 mins 
The Enormous Chrismtas Pudding!  
Have you ever seen a Christmas Pudding that was big..really big...really REALLY BIG? Have you ever seen a Christmas Pudding that was bigger than you?  
In this brand-new festive show, be prepared for one ENORMOUSLY fantastic creation. Based on a classic folk tale, this accessible production is enriched with visual storytelling; including puppetry, shadow puppetry and Makaton throughout, with an enchanting musical score and a strong message of the powers of teamwork. 
The production will enable our audience to learn the value of friendship, working together and making something out of very little. 
We love this time of year and our Christmas show promises to warm the hearts with a special dose of seasonal magic. 
Aimed at 2-8 year olds 
Playing time 45 mins. 
The Untold Story of the Queen of Hearts 
Most folk know the story of Alice and all the wonderful characters she meets on her adventure; one not so great person is the Queen of Hearts. Did you know she wasn't always so mean? She used to be real believer in love and friendship. . . until . . . well, you'll just have to watch the show and maybe even help turn things around! 
A show that is packed full of clever puppetry and colourful characters, there's plenty for everyone in this big interactive crowd pleaser of a show. We have singing, dancing, beach ball keepie-uppie and even some retro game show nods to keep things ticking along. 
As fans of Alice in Wonderland we have loved creating this story to show our appreciation for the marvellous and magical. 
Aimed at 3+ 
Playing time 45 mins. 


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