Make your very own snowman Christmas decoration 
You will need: 
You will need: 
1x toilet roll 
1x sheet of white paper 
Glue or sellotape 
Long strip of paper (any colour) or ribbon for the scarf 
Black and orange pen 
1. First, cover your toilet roll with white paper. If you make a small mark inside your toilet roll, you can use this as a guide to help work out how much paper you will need. Line the mark up with the edge of the paper and roll the toilet roll along the paper. Once you see the mark again allow an extra cm. You will have created a rectangle. 
2. Now cut out the rectangle and stick this to the toilet roll. 
3. To create the scarf, take the long strip of paper or ribbon (should be approximately double the length of the toilet roll), and stick this around the roll. 
4. Using the pens you can add in the features of eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. 
Now you’ve made a Snowman, why not make a whole family of snow folk? They could have different scarfs, noses or even create some hats! 
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