This is a very easy and fun craft to do for all ages. Also great to send as cards to friends and family. 
You will need: 
A5 card of any colour 
3 circular shapes in descending size i.e. bowl, sellotape, coin 
1. Fold you card in half lengthways. Draw around your largest circular shape at the bottom of the card, making sure to start on the folded side. You will only need to draw around half of it. 
2. Draw around your medium size circle on top of the large one creating the head. Then draw around the smallest circle on the upper side of the medium one to create the ear. Add an arm and foot. 
3. Cut out the shape, making sure to only cut the outer lines. 
4. Add your teddy bear features. Big smile, fluffy tummy . . whatever you like. 
5. Why not make another standing teddy bear. Try different patterns or materials to add texure. 
These make really lovely cards for folks as well. So perhaps you know someone who would love a big Bear hug. 
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